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iMessage and FaceTime may not be as private as Apple claims

By Jaime Rivera August 6, 2015, 5:28 pm

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated “We’re not reading your email. We’re not reading your iMessage,” in addition to claiming that “If the government laid a subpoena to get iMessages, we can’t provide it. It’s encrypted and we don’t have a key. And so it’s sort of — the door is closed.” The question is if it’s really as secure as he claims.

Nicholas Weaver, a computer security researcher at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkley, wrote a very interesting article that claims otherwise. Surely the FBI would need a warrant to tap your information, but Weaver claims that the FBI can actually access some of this data without the need for Apple. Your device’s unique IMEI could help them tap your information so long as your device is active, and yes, that includes who you iMessage with and how long. Surely that’s not reading your message, but if your iPhone is backed up in iCloud, then the backup could give them your iMessage data.

Apple’s statement is accurate in the fact that it can’t read your messages either, given the type of encryption used, but given the fact that the company does own the delivery system, it could assist the FBI in claiming other valuable information.

Again this is all hypothetical. We’d highly recommend you read Weaver’s full article in the source link to learn more about this, as we’re barely scratching the surface here.

Source: Law Fare Blog
Via: BGR

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