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I’m Jaime, pocketnow’s New Apple Guy

By Jaime Rivera July 12, 2010, 1:51 am

For the longest time we've debated whether to remain a Windows Mobile-centric site. We did tons of polls and internal conference calls to deal with what we saw as inevitable more than a year ago, that of stagnation of the Windows Mobile plaftorm. In the process we saw our main source of coverage bounce up and down and we saw Android as the closest competitor in what we considered to be the Windows Mobile experience we all loved, so after a lot of thought, we added Android to our pocketnow way of covering devices. Today, we cover as much (if not more) Android than we do Windows Mobile because there's just so much to talk about, and because a large portion of our users are Android owners.


The thing is, love it or hate it, the true game changer that made millions of people in the consumer market adopt a smartphone and forced all the manufacturers to improve the quality of their products is still today the iPhone (you could argue this about other platform purveyors or OEMs, certainly). In the end, this force of change has made many of us, yes me included, consider the switch to the iPhone experience and since our sole purpose of existence is to serve you all with the best Smartphone Reviews, News and Video, we can't leave our new iPhone adopters without some love.. =D.

So to start, Hey everyone! I'm Jaime Rivera and for the past years I've served as a Contributing Editor in Reviews, Review Coordinator, and recently as Creative Editor which was more of a behind the scenes contribution to enhance our site with the new design and way we deliver content to you. I live in San Pedro Sula, Honduras way down south in Central America..

Yup.. WAY DOWN SOUTH!! Honduras is such a small country I always get asked "where is that in Mexico", but I do recommend you visit it some time. From the second largest coral reef in the world, to beautiful beaches, to Mayan ruins,.. yes,.. all in one package. I've pretty much dedicated all my life to both passenger and cargo airlines in more rolls than I'd like to accept, do significant traveling because of this, and have been a major gadget geek since the days when most of us watched "The revenge of the nerds".. Even though I'll continue my Creative Editor Roles, now I'm also going use the Apple Jersey as we begin our official expansion to all Smartphone platforms. ¿Why Apple? Well kind of a tough story for a guy like me. I'm one of those early adopters of the PC era.

My first ever computer was back in 1992 with a screaming 386 processor, DOS 5 and no Windows 3.1 until the next year. I've pretty much owned newer PC's every year since then up until January of this year. I was once one of the guys who knew all the Windows short cut commands by heart and ate Excel for breakfast at work.

I'd never owned anything other than Windows Mobile since Compaq debuted the first ever Pocket PC with a colored screen (iPAQ h3630), bought all the sleeves available and never carried a notebook to college because Mr. Geek also had the ThinkOutside Stowaway Keyboard for class notes. I've actually lost count of how many Windows Mobile devices I've owned since then, but it became my comfort zone for the longest time. The Pocket PC did a great job in changing my mindset to "Forget paperbacks (now the Kindle).. I had Microsoft Reader!" Who needs an MP3 player.. I had Windows Media Player Mobile! Who needs a phone WAP browser (I know, this is old).. I had PIE (good old days)! Sadly, the love song for me ended with my passionate hate for Vista and the swap to persistent storage in Windows Mobile 5 where all I knew then was a waiting icon.

I switched to my first MacBook Pro when I asked a friend for advice on a true laptop powerhouse. No more waiting icon, tons of battery life and something that simply worked given my line of work in the airline business requires me to travel light, make timely decisions and have reliable tools to get stuff done.. He responded "Get a Mac". I was such a PC power user that this was simply unheard of, so I responded "Yeah, my job requires it with Windows"... and 5 minutes after he showed me Windows 7 working flawlessly through Bootcamp on his Mac, I jumped in my car and just bought a 13 inch MacBook Pro, no questions asked. It turns out my experience with Mac OS has been so pleasant, I still haven't found the need to install Windows on it. It simply always works, no excuses, no sluggishness, no crashes (or very rare). I know many of you will debate this, but I also know many of you won't since the Mac has become the solution you're looking for, and that includes me.

I guess this was the single thing that made me look at the iPhone and say "I want one" and actually got one a month later. Many may complain about how superior Windows Mobile is in comparison to an iPhone, I say "who cares if looks outdated and works like if it was doing me a favor". I simply got tired of the waiting icon for basic things like a phone call, and the iPhone has proven to be a great workhorse once you get used to it. And yes,.. I love an elegant UI, great working apps and have finally regained my passion for really good looking games in the past year. And yes, one of my biggest advantages of owning an iPhone outside the US, is not knowing what an At&t dropped call is like unless I do any of my trips to the US..

Surely no device is perfect, and telling you the good and the bad about them in an unbiased form is what makes us unique, so as much as I love my iPhone, I'm still no fanboy. So stay tuned for a whole new chapter in Video Reviews, AppStore pics and a new project we're working on in the next couple of weeks where we do hope to bring you a new way to take advantage of your iLife. No, we're not becoming an iPhone site, we are just continuing to evolve to live up to our promise to provide you with the best Smartphone news, reviews, and video.

Update from Brandon: Thanks for all of your helpful comments, they are much appreciated. We've been working on a new feature that will let you instantly filter our coverage by platform, so that if you only want to see pocketnow Android coverage, you'll have a bookmark for that, and so on.


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