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Illegal to Use GPS from Smartphone in Germany

By Chuong Nguyen August 1, 2008, 10:17 am

According to Pocket GPS World, the courts in Germany have deemed that it is unlawful to operate a GPS navigation system on a smartphone while driving because of the phone ban in the country. Currently, there are some in-car navigation systems that lock you out of operating the unit while the unit detects that you are in motion.

It seems unclear as to whether the law would mean that by operating a GPS system attached to the phone means using the system and programming in destinations while at a stop or if it means having the GPS on the phone running at all. This move will prevent GPS through cellular connections like those offered through TeleNav.

I hope Germany reevaluates this law as GPS is utterly useful while driving. I think the law should be changed to have it be unlawful when entering in addresses or destinations while driving on either a standalone GPS system or on one attached to a smartphone, but that could be done in a parked car and the GPS can be functioning while driving.

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