Do you do wireless charging? While it still can’t come close to competing with the popularity of traditional wired charging, the presence of wireless charging tech in high-profile phones like the Galaxy S6 is helping to continue exposing such systems to broader audiences. But for acceptance to arrive, we don’t just need phones that support wireless charging: we also need easy access to chargers. To that end, a couple months back IKEA announced a new range of furniture and home accessories designed with support for embedded wireless chargers in mind. The company said that sales would get started sometime in late spring, and that time is apparently now upon us, with the first of this hardware turning up in IKEA stores.

While the IKEA website still marks all this wireless charging-supporting hardware as not available for purchase online, the gear’s been spotted in the company’s brick-and-mortar stores, including lamps, end tables, and even adapters for popular phones (including alternate back panels for Galaxy S models and Qi-compatible cases for iPhones).

We’re not yet sure if all the announced hardware is available as of now, but there’s a chance you’ll find at least some of it in your local IKEA. Prices look to start at around $60 for furniture like those end tables with embedded chargers, or for $30 you can get a kit that lets you add a charger to an existing table. And in case not all your phones are wireless charging-ready just yet, this gear also includes USB ports for charging devices the old-fashioned way.

Source: Droid Life

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