IFTTT adds Android Wear channel, do what you want right from your wrist

Android Wear just got a heck of a lot more powerful. The popular IFTTT service, based on simple automation on the web — “If this, then that” — has just landed on Google’s wearable platform. The IFTTT Android Wear channel will allow for doing many, many things from the comfort of your watch.

There’s both a trigger and action involved in this channel currently. The one trigger right now (or the “if” part of “if this, then that” ) is “Tap button.” This will allow you to set things up to happen when you tap a button on IFTTT from within Android Wear.

The action right now — the “that” part of “if this, then that” — is to send a notification to your wearable. You can, for example, get notifications for your friends’ checkins through Foursquare Swarm.

The possibilities aren’t endless, but it’s pretty close to that. Check out a bunch of example recipes down below, and then go ahead and start creating your own uses for the IFTTT Android Wear channel.

ifttt android wear 2

Source: IFTTT

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