The little letdowns and surprise successes of IFA 2014 | Pocketnow Weekly 112

For the bloggers that cover them, one of the greatest things about trade shows is the opportunity to connect with counterparts from other publications … and to podcast with them. Sometimes the best salve for a salvo of comparison videos shot back-to-back over 13 hours is a few minutes in front of the mic with friends, picking up the pieces while picking out the messages, trends, and lessons from the show.

Helping us do that on today’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast are two luminaries of the mobile tech world, both of whom have been on our guest “wish list” for over a year. Fresh from hosting us on her own TechLounge livestream is Mobilegeeks’ own super-host Nicole Scott, and joining her is Android Authority reviewer extraordinaire Joshua Vergara!

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Fair warning, folks: As usual for trade show events, we had to record this episode in an improvised space without the benefit of our office studios, so the acoustic quality isn’t as high as it normally is. This is also an audio-only podcast, with no Hangouts Q&A and no listener mail. That said, we do cover pretty much every mobile device from IFA 2014 in this episode, and we have a great time doing it. We think you will too.

If that’s the kind of thing that schnitzels your burger, then the Pocketnow Weekly is the show for you! Join us for an hour of IFA 2014 comedown and analysis, and shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air when we return to our normal schedule later this week. See you then!

Pocketnow Weekly 112


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September 7, 2014



Michael Fisher

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Nicole Scott (Mobile Geeks)

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It may just sound like a ringtone to you, but our transition music track (“Radiation”) is a real song, from a real album, by a real artist: Ali Spagnola. You can download that album, along with many others, at Ali’s website here, visit her YouTube page here, and follow her on Twitter here!

Thanks for listening. See you next week!


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