Alcatel OneTouch came to CES ready to show off some new hardware, introducing us to devices like the Windows 10 Mobile edition of the Fierce XL, which just landed at T-Mobile today. But for all the cool stuff we saw then, we’ve had an inkling that the main attraction was holding back for MWC. And indeed, in the weeks since CES we’ve caught wind of some leaks and rumors that have pointed to a seriously heavy crew of AOT MWC hardware, headed up by the new Idol 4 phones. Today we pick up some extra insight into what’s on the way as a leaked product roadmap sheds some light on the company’s 2016 lineup.

Thanks to AOT’s own accidental publication of some support pages for the Idol 4 and Idol 4S earlier this month, we already had a good picture of the hardware that will up in these 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch handsets. This new report attempts to confirm specs like that Snapdragon 652 in the 4S, and Snapdragon 617 for the 4, while also cluing us in to some new details: take, for instance, a dedicated “Boom Key” on the 4S that can instantly pull up the phone’s camera (even from standby). Both models should go up for sale sometime in May.

Maybe the coolest thing about the Idol 4S, though, will be its innovative packaging. Pictured up top, the phone’s box will apparently come apart to transform into a Google Cardboard viewer – and from the looks of things, a pretty high quality one at that.

We also touch in with the new Pop 4 models, which we first heard detailed just after that Idol 4 slip-up. New details here include an attempt to confirm a pricing window, with the most expensive Pop going for under $200, and the Pop 4 itself coming in under $100. We also hear that the 5.5-inch full HD will likely join the new Idols with a May start to sales.

Details (and our level of interest) start fading away as we push into the bottom-of-the-barrel Pixi line, but we hear of size options ranging from 3.5-inch to 6-inch screens, and prices dipping as low as $80 for a 5-inch edition.

Finally, we get some very general news about a number of tablet options of various sizes, with at least one stand-out member: a 10.1-inch convertible Windows 10 Plus 10 tablet with keyboard (albeit no pen) that should go up for sale sometime next month.

Source: VentureBeat

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