After its dismal growth reading on smartphone shipments, market research firm IDC has released both its quarterly shipment reports for tablets and the trend line continues groundward.

39.6 million tablets went across the world last quarter with 87.6 percent of them being regular slate tablets — plenty of them in the form of Apple’s older iPads and Amazon’s Fire tablets (with some 54-fold growth) while others from smaller budget market players round out the majority. In what IDC refers to as the fledgling “detachables” sector, Microsoft still leads the field with its Surface initiative as traditional mobile tech companies like Samsung and Huawei begin to release their own tablets. 4.9 million detachables shipped last quarter, “an all-time high in the first quarter of a calendar year” IDC states.

Still, the rankings end up like this:

Vendor,Q1 ’16 shipments (in millions),Q1 ’15 shipments (in millions),Q1 ’16 market share,Q1 ’15 market share,Change







There’s no delineation between detachables and slates in these figures, but with Microsoft lumped into the “Others,” we’ll have to wait a while yet to see convertibles rise.


Source: IDC
Via: iMore

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