Since Windows 10 made its debut on OEM tablet form factors, — especially with those flippy keyboards, digital pens and touchy screens — the tablet market has gone through shifting sands. Just this quarter, market leader Apple losing 13 percent of its unit shipments from last year.

Sure, the company was able to proudly tout higher returns this quarter thanks to its pricey iPad Pro line, but the competition may have been able to make up the difference in margins with growing sales figures… if they actually grew. Research firm IDC reported that Samsung and Lenovo unit shipments were down by single-digit percentages. Huawei was the only one in the top five shippers to mark positive growth and with a big boost to boot.

Amazon and Lenovo are best poised for sustained strength, if not further growth — the former has an aggressive pricing strategy while the latter is opening up supply channels.

Here’s the number sheet for the first quarter.

OEM 1Q17 Unit Shipments (millions) Change from 1Q16 1Q17 Market Share
Apple 8.9 -13% 24.6%
Samsung 6.0 -1.1% 16.5%
Huawei 2.7 31.7% 7.4% 2.2 -1.8% 6%
Lenovo 2.1 -3.8% 5.7%
Others 14.4 -14.7% 39.8%
Total 36.2 -8.5% 100%

Apple’s losing quarter is its 13th in a row as tracked by IDC.

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