IDC: 12 of 24 Galaxy Note 7 owners have switched to iPhones

Research firm IDC is trying to assess what the ruins of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle has meant for Samsung and its reputation. And if you’re asking people who are interested in the smartphones they own to fill out a survey, you’re bound to get a few Note 7 owners (or former Note 7 owners) in the mix.

In fact, out of 1,082 US consumers grabbed between October 17 and 18, 507 currently own a Samsung smartphone, 347 used to own one and 228 have never touched the brand.

Of that 507, 24 interacted with the Note 7 and 12 said that they will or have switched to an iPhone while four stayed in-brand. Most will or have headed back to the carrier shop for an exchange. Because of the minuscule sample, IDC suggests to take this number as a “directional” tea leaf, not one of scale.

No doubt, there are people who are a little more shy of the Samsung smartphone brand nowadays. The surprise, though, is that 13 percent of the total pool weren’t even aware that the Note 7 was under recall. And that’s good news to the chaebol at large.

“A majority of respondents said it would not impact future decisions to buy other, non-smartphone Samsung products such as televisions and appliances,” IDC stated.

Indications from other research firms and carriers say that many Note 7 owners are switching to phones within the Samsung brand, namely the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Source: IDC
Via: 9to5Mac

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