Ice Cream Sandwich Easter Egg Combines Andy, Nyan Cat

Those clever developers over at Google like to hide Easter Eggs in various builds of their software. In Gingerbread, frantically tapping on the “Android version” page in the “About phone” settings will likely result in a a picture of “Zombie Art” by Jack Larson. Doing the same on a Honeycomb tablet brings up the stylized Bee Android.

Apparently Ice Cream Sandwich hasn’t been left out of the tradition. Going through the same process brings up a very pixelicious Andy the Android wearing an ice cream sandwich suit. If you tap-and-hold on him he grows larger and larger until a field of 8-bit looking stars and Andys begin flying across the screen — Nyan Cat style.

We may have tracked down the origin of the Nyan-cat inspired pseduo-screensaver! When developers write code for Android, they typically use a program called Eclipse with an Android development plugin called ADT. One of the tools in this suite is a “LogCat” — the icon for which has recently been replaced with a generic Andy, also in Nyan-cat style. Which came first, the screen-saver or the LogCat? We’re not certain. But both are hilarious!

Sources: Android Spin, Android Central

(Stephen Schenck contributed to this article)

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