iAds Giving Competition A Run For The Money

One of the things that really strikes me recently is how Apple has become an expert in being a total nobody in a specific market, and still managing to emerge from ground zero and dent their already existing competition with their products. First we saw this effect with the iPhone, and now the tables have turned for iAds. According to Bloomberg, all the big players in the game have been scratching their heads as Apple clearly show’s they’ll go from zip to 21% by the end of this year.

As things stand, Mobile Ads market share has Google down to 21% (falling from 27%), Microsoft dropping from 10% to just 7% and the list goes on (Man I didn’t even know Microsoft had mobile ads,.. really). We’re not really sure how things will stand as Google continues to improve their mobile Ad experience, but this is just to show you how much advertising has a stake in a business’ success. See, Apple did a whole lot of publicity for iAds in their keynotes, but Google actually improved their mobile Ads to ensure you’re not pulled from your app every time you click on them, and no body found out about it. That’s right, click on Google Ads and no more getting back to your app, though we must hand it to Apple in the fact that Google Ads simply send you to a site, or a trashy showcase of something, while iAds are all about interaction.

Bottom line is, Google still stands a chance in getting back into the game after the AdMob purchase. According to recent complaints, Apple is terribly slow in deploying their customers’ Ads in a timely manner which are also points in their favor. Having RIM and Ericsson rumored as the next players of the game only makes things more interesting. Will Google pick things up?.. I guess only time will tell.

What about you? Do you click on the Ads?.. I’ll accept I rarely do..

(Via: Neowin)

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