i-BLADES Smartcase Indiegogo project is essentially a modular phone case

Project Ara? Fairphone? Puzzlephone? The era of modular devices has only begun and only a couple of these projects has gotten off the ground in any meaningful way. Maybe the path forward for modular devices doesn’t have to start with the whole kit and kaboodle. Maybe it can just start with a “smartcase.”

That’s what the i-BLADES Smartcase plans to be, a connected sleeve for your phone that can also take in cards (“Smartblades”) via pin contacts that can expand either your storage up to 1TB and/or your battery by up 10 times the original capacity. These Smartblades can range from 2 to 9mm in thickness and some models can continuously stack on top of each other for even more storage or power. Freaking magnets, how do they work?

The project page claims that the case won’t affect any of your phone’s connectivities and that the case can charge along with the rest of your phone. And of course, there are future Smartblades functions in the thoughts.

Are you ready for the catches?: the Smartcase will come out for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S6 first if the project meets its $30,000 goal by January 31st and the early bird perk batch of 50 is wide open for $49 as of this post.

First shipments are planned for May.

Source: i-BLADES, Indiegogo
Via: Gizmag

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