Is it a sign of platform maturity when developers have the time to write apps that no one would ever need, let alone want to buy? If so, then Windows Phone 7 has finally reached those ranks, with the release of its own “I Am Rich” app.

At least the Datesquare for Elite WP7 app from last month had some basic functionality to it, rationalizing its $500 price tag with tools that would let you court fellow Datesquare users in hopes of meeting a mate with a similar level of disposable income. I Am Rich, also priced at nearly $500, only serves to display a notification on your phone reminding you just awesomely rich you are.

While Apple pulled the initial $1000 I Am Rich app off the App Store the day after its release, there’s no sign yet of Microsoft following suit.

BlackBerry was also recently inducted into the worthless-app club, as its $600 Fortunatus app arrived just before Thanksgiving.

Source: MobileCrunch

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