While waiting for the pricier-than-expected but state-of-the-art Oculus Rift consumer edition, virtual reality enthusiasts shouldn’t forget about the cheaper, likely less powerful and innovative Samsung Gear VR.

The fully polished, non-developer-centric $99 headset is rolling out stateside in November, and in addition to all the big companies that announced their support for the product last month, Hulu now joins the party.

The Los Angeles-based TV streaming service arrives a little late to the VR game compared to arch-rival Netflix, though Hulu’s immersive content library will apparently include a bunch of exclusive goodies. For instance, Cnet reports, Gear VR users with a compatible Samsung phone hooked up and access to a Hulu account should soon be able to watch “Seinfeld” episodes as if they were part of the gang, from Jerry’s very own virtual reality-conceived apartment.

Other original shows and short films will ditch the 2D characteristic altogether, and solely target viewers with a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, or Note 5 strapped to their face. Of course, such production takes time, so don’t judge Hulu too harshly if next month’s Gear VR dispatch catches the app in a limited, experimental stage of development.

After all, the aim is unsurprisingly to “learn earlier on what could be a substantive storytelling environment” and snatch an “innovator position” with this exploratory “smart bet.”

Source: Cnet

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