Hulu no longer charges extra for No Commercials service on iOS and tvOS

After partnering with Sprint for a special bundle of unlimited cell phone service and ad-supported video streaming directly going up against Netflix and T-Mobile’s alliance, Hulu has just quietly added a little incentive for its iOS and tvOS-using subscribers.

Ever since it was launched back in 2015, the aptly titled No Commercials plan required monthly payments of $11.99. But not on iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs, with iFans instead charged $13.99 a month if they paid using iTunes billing and subscribed directly through their iDevices.

Enough with that nonsense now, as Hulu probably reached some sort of an agreement with Apple behind the scenes regarding the latter’s piece of App Store purchases. Or perhaps the American entertainment company, soon to be owned by Disney, simply decided to settle for a smaller profit margin in a discreet attempt to increase subscription numbers.

Either way, what’s important is all Hulu No Commercials customers now get to pay a flat $11.99 monthly fee, regardless of their preferred streaming device. Unfortunately, a small discrepancy remains in Limited Commercials rates, as the typical $7.99 monthly price is reduced for a limited time to $5.99 for the first year, but not if you sign up using the official iOS or tvOS app. Oh, well, at least $7.99 is lower than the Netflix entry-level fee.

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