Huawei’s New Year’s tweet from an iPhone was especially weird

Chinese tech manufacturer Huawei welcomed 2019 with a pretty decent tweet.

But YouTuber Marques Brownlee caught an earlier version of the tweet posted at some 4 hours earlier via TweetDeck. He was able to pick up on a blunder with some extra information.

That tweet was made through the Twitter client for iPhone.

It happens. It’s a marketing failure, but it happens: a Samsung brand ambassador tried to hide the fact that she was using an iPhone on a TV show, other celebrities have been caught using iPhones when they were promoting other phones, it’s been done before.

However, this example seems quite ironic when seemingly the whole of working China is encouraging people to buy Huawei products against those of Apple. The tweet is just a cherry on top of a horrible sundae of diplomatic skirmishes between the US and China on trade and security fronts. Top of mind for Huawei was the arrest in Canada of its CFO, who faces extradition to the United States for sanctions and fraud charges.

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