Huawei’s hawkish stance on background apps leads VLC to ban its phones from using the app

From the end of June, the Video LAN Organization placed all of Huawei’s Android phones on a blacklist, disallowing them from downloading the VLC media player app from the Play Store.

“Huawei devices are no forbidden to download VLC,” said Jean-Baptiste Kempf, president of the VLO and lead developer of VLC. “We’re fed up with their OS breaking VLC all the time.”

The Chinese tech manufacturer’s EMUI is notoriously hawkish on background operations and quickly shuts down any application that plays streamed or local video when users leave the active app or the screen is turned off. A number of VLC users have complained that this makes background audio play impossible and it seems that Kempf agrees that it is a poor user experience. Some users are telling others to complain to Huawei.

Huawei phone owners can download the APK from other sources, including VLC’s website, head to the battery manager settings and then label it as a “protected app” to prevent it from cutting off a video while the app is in background.

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