Huawei and ZTE could be affected by Trump’s new national emergency ban

It seems that the president of the United States is about to make things worse for Huawei and ZTE. According to a report from Reuters, President Trump could be considering to declare a ‘national emergency’ that would leave these two Chinese companies affected.

A new ban based on a possible ‘national emergency’ security issue would stop US companies from purchasing and using equipment made by Huawei or ZTE. These companies have been accused of installing spying devices that could allow the Chinese government to intercept communications traffic. This could be the main reason why the US government could actually go through with this new plan. This isn’t something new, it apparently has been considered over the past eight months, and an executive order could come as soon as January. Huawei and ZTE haven’t responded since they have always denied these accusations without evidence. Maybe this could make things worse for Apple and its iPhone devices in China.

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