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Huawei will continue to support its smartphones, while others companies join the ban

By Anton D. Nagy May 20, 2019, 12:00 pm

Earlier today we’ve reported on how Google has suspended the Android license that was granted to Huawei, as a direct effect of the Chinese company being blacklisted by the United States. Huawei will no longer have access to Android, Play Services, YouTube, etc., and will only be able to utilize the Open Source AOSP version of the OS.

Huawei, however, said that despite the ban, and its consequences for Android, it will continue to offer support for its smartphones and tablets, by providing security updates and services.

Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering those that have been sold and that are still in stock globally — Huawei

Meanwhile, other chipmakers, including Intel Corp, Qualcomm Inc, Xilinx Inc and Broadcom Inc., will not supply critical software and components to Huawei until further notice, Reuters cites a Bloomberg report.

Another report surfaced, according to which Microsoft could do the same thing with Windows that Google did with Android, and remove Huawei’s license and support for its Windows PCs.


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