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Android Wear about to get speaker support? New Huawei Watch appears to have unused speaker

By Stephen Schenck September 17, 2015, 6:36 pm

After months and months of waiting, the Huawei Watch is finally ready to start showing up on the wrists of smartwatch fans, and following the start of pre-orders earlier this month, today the wearable officially starts shipping. We’ve already got our hands on one in preparation for a review, and while ours is still in once piece, the guys over at Android Police cracked theirs open for a look inside at what makes it tick (no pun intended). That involves a lot of familiar components, but there’s one very interesting odd man out that – as far as we know from previous Android Wear models – just shouldn’t be there: the Huawei Watch appears to be packing its own speaker.


Right now, if you want to listen to audio with an Android Wear device, that means doing so through some accessory – like a Bluetooth headset. But that little rectangle you see above, nestled down along the bottom edge of the Huawei Watch, sure gives every indication that it’s a speaker: it looks the part, it’s magnetic, and there are clear slits in the watch’s frame for audio output. Right now, the only thing standing in the way of confirmation is that there’s no software in place to make the presumed speaker do anything.

While not necessarily a slam dunk, the presence of this component sure feels like it’s hinting at some level of formal Android Wear on-watch speaker support under development. We suppose it’s possible that Huawei went out on its own here, and even that this speaker might end up going wholly unused, but for now we’ll keep the faith.

If your smartwatch had speaker output, would you ever use it, or are you fine with a wearable that would rather be seen, and not heard?


Source: Android Police


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