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Elegant and Jewel Huawei Watch for Women near launches with Google Store appearances

By Adrian Diaconescu April 6, 2016, 5:38 am

Is it sexist to design and market gadgets specifically for women? Is it sexist not to? There’s no winning with something like that, though more and more smartwatch manufacturers seem to be casting political correctness aside, applying a form of positive discrimination in their attempts to get ladies interested in wearable technology.

Motorola has a second-gen Moto 360 “style” for women, the Samsung Gear S2 is available in 18k rose gold and platinum plated variants that don’t really appeal to the everyday tech-loving male, while the two Huawei Watch for Women flavors unveiled back in January are probably around the corner.

Huawei doesn’t say on its website when “Elegant” and “Jewel” sales will begin, but since both of them are listed on Google’s US e-store as “coming soon”, we’re guessing that means very soon. It’s a matter of weeks now, maybe even days.

As you’d expect, the swankiest model is also the costliest, at $600, with 68 1.5mm Swarovski Zirconia gemstones encrusted in the 44mm case of the rose gold plated stainless steel Huawei Watch Jewel, further fitted with a thin 18mm blue Italian leather strap.

Meanwhile, the Huawei Watch Elegant starts at a slightly more affordable 500 bucks, featuring a white Italian leather band, and a knurled pattern top ring instead of eye-catching crystals. A little rich for your blood? Keep in mind there are even pricier “manly” versions available, including a $700 one that touts a rose gold plated stainless steel case, coin-edge top ring, and fairly distasteful alligator pressed brown suture fine-leather strap.

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