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What women want? Will Huawei’s watch wow wives?

By Adam Doud January 13, 2016, 10:00 am

There have been a number of attempts at creating a smartwatch for women. At CES last week, Huawei unveiled what I believe is the closest watch yet. Huawei’s new watches geared toward women are very much like its unisex offering, but with a band of fancy around the outside. Specially created watch faces to go along with it give the watch some, for lack of a better word, pizzazz. But it’s not without its faults.

Huawei Watch Review Test Notes

More of the same

The Huawei Elegant and Jewel are both designed to spice up the wrist of a lady, or as Michael Fisher puts it “a dude who likes his gem stones”. These two watches are really attractive – pretty if you will. So Huawei makes some points here, especially as these are not underpowered smartwatches. These new watches are basically the same as the original Huawei Watch that we reviewed not long ago.


But they’re really attractive offerings. The bezels of these two watches are designed specifically for the lady. With those bezels, Huawei has made a watch that’s probably as close to a watch catered to women as I’ve seen thus far. This isn’t the first attempt an OEM has made – far from it. Several watches come in smaller variants which could be geared toward women, but those are universally plain attempts. Just because something is smaller, doesn’t mean a woman is going to go for it. Huawei’s attempt, however, is designed to make its watch attractive and fashionable, with a top provider of cubic zirconia in Sarovski Crystal.


Of course, I need to mention that not all women necessarily like “shiny things.” I’m not trying to go there ladies. But I think it’s fair to say that the design of the Jewel specifically (and the Elegant a little less so) does lean more toward women as men typically won’t be found with shiny things that aren’t diamonds on their wrists. This is also the point where I humbly admit that I’m neither a jewelry expert, nor a watch expert. So, breaking it all the way down to my chromosomes, I’m not going to be able to offer an “expert” opinion on the matter. But what I can offer is the opinion of a guy who is a consumer.

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Perception is reality

As a consumer, I see this as a watch that some women in my life would be drawn to, because it’s pretty. But it’s also a watch that they wouldn’t buy because it’s still too big. Plus (and this I ~am~ qualified to offer) no one should pay more than $300 – $350 for a smartwatch. They’re just not there yet. Putting that aside though, we do need to address the elephant in the room.

These watches are still huge. Women are typically built with smaller, more slender wrists, so the sheer size of this watch is going to turn many women off. Can you tell how I’m not trying to generalize here? Anyway, the watch remains pretty much too big for its stated audience, which is a shame.

Meet in the middle

But if Huawei cam come back with a new offering that combines the small size that others have tried with the bling (for lack of better word) of these two slick looking watches, and a lower price point, then in the opinion of this humble male reviewer, Huawei will have hit a home run. Women are still a vastly underserved demographic in the smartwatch world, which is a shame. Smartwatches are really great, and they add a ton of value to the smart device using population.

But what scares me is that the size of these watches (and let’s not forget the price) will be a detriment which will cause Huawei to reverse course on this concept. That would be a shame because this really is one of the best smartwatch offerings for women on the market. So, this editorial al so serves to ask Huawei to stay the course, shrink the watch, but keep the same design philosophy, and let’s tap into that demographic that so richly deserves some attention in this arena. We’re very close here. We just need a few more strides to cross the finish line.


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