Huawei took a big gamble when it chose a “premium” design path for its first ever smartwatch, pricing the super-stylish Android wearable device on-par with the Apple Watch, at $350 and up. But while Black Friday brought some obligatory discounts to the table, there was nothing too drastic to signal the Huawei Watch failed to catch on.

Now, rumor has it a couple of variants designed specifically for ladies will land at CES 2016 in January, followed by an all-new, cellular-enabled generation in the summer, which is yet another sign the Huawei Watch is doing well at the box-office… considering.

If patience is not your number one trait, the “OG” can be purchased again at a cool $50 off list prices in “entry-level” configurations, no Nexus 6P acquisition required. The black leather strapped stainless steel model costs $300, down from $350, on Amazon, whereas Google can hook you up with $350 silver mesh and $400 black link flavors on its official e-store, which also offers a slew of Nexus savings at the moment.

Those same two versions are slashed by half a Benjamin at Best Buy and Amazon too, with the third-party retailer duo also selling silver link Huawei Watches in exchange for $350, and rose gold plated brown leather models at, well, a whopping $700 after $0 savings. Luxury tends to cost a pretty penny, if you haven’t caught on, and a gold link variant goes for an even steeper $800 through Best Buy.

Just stick to the $300 to $400 Huawei Watch configs, a’ight? They’re fairly nice bargains, and look stunning without icky gold.

Sources: Google Store, Amazon, Best Buy 

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