The Huawei Watch is by most account one of the better looking smartwatches around, and though there’s a lot to like about the Android Wear model, there is at least one major downside: pricing. The least expensive Huawei Watch configuration fetches just under $350, and the prices only go up from there: $500, $450, $700, and even an $800 model. So it should go without saying that when we hear that Huawei is already discounting its wearable, we start to take notice. Earlier this month we learned about a deal that would score shoppers a $50 discount when picking up the smartwatch alongside the Huawei-made Nexus 6P, and today we hear about an even more tempting offer, as Huawei starts sharing details of its upcoming Black Friday sales.

For a twenty-four-hour Black Friday sale, Huawei is discounting select Huawei Watch configurations by up to $100.

The $350 stainless steel Watch with leather strap will score a $50 price cut – just like that Nexus 6P offer, only you don’t have to also pick up a new phone.

The $400 Huawei Watch with its stainless steel mesh (or link) band gets an even more substantial $80 discount, bringing its sale price down to $320.

But the biggest savings to be had are on the black stainless steel model with black steel link band: normally $450, Huawei’s discounting the smartwatch’s price to $350 on Black Friday.

Sure, these are all still on the more expensive side of the smartwatch spectrum, even with these discounts, but if you were thinking about picking one up anyway, they sure give you an option to upgrade to a fancier model without spending much more money.

Beyond sales direclyt through Huawei’s site, these deals will also be available on Amazon, Google Play, and in Best Buy and Target stores.

Source: Huawei

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