Huawei wants to overtake Apple in 3 years tops, Samsung by 2021

There’s no more denying Huawei was the absolute top performer of the global smartphone landscape in 2015, boosting its sales units to exceed 100 million for the first time, as essentially all the other big brands either reached a stagnation point or saw their shipments decline after many years of constant growth.

In 2016, the Nexus 6P, P8, Mate 8 and Honor 5X producers are again expected to defy all trends, eyeing 120 million handheld copies distributed around the world. Check that, 140 mil, according to new forecasts revealed by CEO Richard Yu at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Well, technically, Yu avoided to state actual numbers, but he did hint at a projected 30 percent year-on-year spike in demand, and the math is pretty simple. Is the revised goal also attainable? Hard to say at the moment, since the P9 isn’t official yet, the company’s future involvement in the Nexus program remains unclear, and the 2-in-1 MateBook hybrid obviously doesn’t count towards this tally.

What’s even trickier to anticipate is whether or not Huawei can continue to climb up the OEM ranks. Its top three position undeniably feels safe, but Richard Yu has his sights set on Apple and, ultimately, Samsung.

As crazy as it currently sounds, Huawei wants to steal the silver medal away from iPhones in two to three years, then the Galaxy’s gold within a couple more years. Can you picture a new industry leader in 2021? Will there even be a smartphone industry half a decade from now, or might wearables, virtual reality devices and robots make these gadgets obsolete in the meantime?

Source: Digitimes

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