The Android smartphone market needs another hero after Samsung’s abrupt fall from grace this past quarter, with three Chinese OEMs actually rising to the challenge and splitting Apple’s scraps, according to fresh Strategy Analytics research.

This particular consulting firm estimates iPhones captured a record 91 percent share of $9.4 billion total worldwide industry profits, which makes a little more sense than mind-boggling numbers previously thrown around by BMO Capital Markets analysts.

Either way, Cupertino still has no rival to first place in global profitability ranks, especially now that Huawei, Vivo and OPPO are essentially tied in second, third and fourth positions, with Samsung falling to the “Others” category.

And sure, a 2.4 percent slice of the operating profit pie, equating to roughly $200 million, doesn’t sound impressive for the world’s third largest smartphone vendor when Apple scored mobile gains of $8.5 billion between July and September 2016.

Then again, Huawei’s $200 million quarterly surplus is practically a match for the combined tally of all the “other” OEMs, including Samsung. Vivo and OPPO continue to make waves with “disciplined pricing and soaring shipments across Asia”, themselves breaking away from the losing pack, at $200M profits each.

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