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Huawei user interface patent reveals under-display camera

By Anton D. Nagy July 5, 2019, 2:00 am

Selfie cameras tucked underneath the display is where the industry is headed, and some companies like OPPO and vivo have already announced their solutions for an under screen camera. It looks like Chinese tech giant Huawei is also working hard at concealing the front-facer behind the display, as a recent patent application suggests.

Huawei patented a user interface approach in Germany that looks to be built around the under-display camera. Tucked underneath the screen on the top left, the camera portion of the screen displays information depending on what the user is actually doing. Scenarios include being inside the camera app, or on a call.

It’s not known whether Huawei already has a working prototype with an under-display camera, or is working on it, but the patent for the user interface suggests that this is the next step for Huawei after experimenting with notches and punch-holes.


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