Huawei was reportedly Google’s plan A for the unsung Pixel and Pixel XL manufacturer

The world’s third most popular smartphone vendor is obviously pretty big in China, from where it hails, as well as a few other Asian markets, and even Western Europe. But despite great ambitions and substantial recent efforts of gaining a US foothold, Huawei still has a long way to go.

At least that’s what credible inside sources claim, describing among others the MateBook as an “absolute flop” in the land of the free, local Honor 5X sales as just “OK”, Honor 8 “momentum well below expectations”, and a general feeling of disappointment surrounding the company’s product lineup.

Granted, the Nexus 6P can objectively be characterized as a critical darling, but one with relatively low box-office scores typical for Google’s pre-Pixel pure Android device family. Which brings us to the speculated revelation that Huawei refused to produce Big G’s new phones when hearing of the latter’s intentions to leave OEM logos out of their designs.

As you’re probably aware, HTC swooped in and secured the contract, showing no reluctance at the thought of getting little to no brand recognition. Meanwhile, there are purportedly no hard feelings between Google and Huawei, expected to collaborate on the N7P tablet and possibly a 2017 phone too, but the Chinese manufacturer may regret losing a precious in on Verizon. An indirect one, but a prospective beginning of a beautiful friendship nonetheless. Oh, well, there’s always next year.

Source: Android Police

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