Huawei is getting trademark names ready for its foldable device

Foldable smartphones will soon enter the market, and while Samsung is discussing possible names for its foldable device, Huawei is already getting ready to trademark names for their phone.

Huawei is inching closer to the launch of its first foldable smartphone ever. This means that it’s also getting the rest of the details sorted out. This includes giving the smartphone a commercial name. It seems that the company has applied trademark to the names Mate F, Mate Flex, Mate Flexi and Mate Fold. The final name is still uncertain, and they probably won’t use all of them, but at least they’ll have enough options from where to choose.

This device is supposed to come with an 8” display, 5G support and it will most likely use Google’s new foldable phone interface with improved multitasking. It’s also said that Huawei has already shown a version of this device to a South Korean carrier, so we may see it really soon.

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