A test of eight fast-charging technologies for smartphones has resulted in Huwaei’s SuperCharge system dubbed the best.

Indian publication Hometop performed charging tests from empty to full with several chargers and devices, including Apple’s proprietary system which charges at 18W maximum but requires a 29W charger to achieve. Others include OnePlus’s Dash Charge system, an unspecified version of Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standard, Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charge system, Motorola’s Turbo Charge system, MediaTek’s Pump Express and USB Power Delivery.

SuperCharge, though, provides the fastest base charge rate of 22.5W and was able to give a full 3,400mAh charge on the Honor 10 in 73 minutes, beating out the OnePlus 6 on Dash Charge with 80 minutes and the Moto Z2 Force on Turbo Charge at 82 minutes. Apple’s system took 125 minutes on the iPhone X, Pump Express spent 144 minutes charging the Ulefone T1 and USB-PD took 152 minutes charging the Pixel 2 XL.

The full results can be found at the source link below this story, but it seems that adapter-based systems such as the top three performers.

System Device Charge rate (average) Time
Huawei Super Charge Honor 10 (3400mAh) 46.57mAh/min 73 minutes
OnePlus Dash Charge OnePlus 6 (3300mAh) 41.25mAh/min 80 minutes
Motorola Turbo Charge Moto Z2 Force (2730mAh) 33.30mAh/min 82 minutes
Qualcomm Quick Charge LG G7 ThinQ (3000mAh) 30mAh/min 100 minutes
Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge Galaxy S9+ (3500mAh) 33.33mAh/min 105 minutes
Apple iPhone X (2716mAh) 21.73mAh/min 125 minutes
MediaTek Pump Express Ulefone T1 (3680mAh) 25.55mAh/min 144 minutes
USB Power Delivery Pixel 2 XL (3520mAh) 23.15mAh/min 152 minutes
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