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HUAWEI Super Device is the interconnected smart office for work and play

By Sanuj Bhatia February 27, 2022, 9:00 am
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Every brand seems to be taking a dig at making their device work together seamlessly. Apple did it first with the introduction of SideCar in iPadOS and then recently introduced Universal Control as well. Samsung did it with the introduction of Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and One UI 4.1. HUAWEI is now entering the race with their Super Device.

HUAWEI says Super Device is a solution a new solution that greatly enhances cross-device connectivity and collaboration. Super Device focuses on bringing two core capabilities to the HUAWEI devices: Cross-Device Collaboration and Ecosystem Integration. Cross-Device Collaboration will enable users to connect multiple devicestogether into a singular experience whereas the ecosystem is aimed to bridge the gap between Windows and mobile platforms.


HUAWEI notes that its existing features like OneHop (which allows users to transfer smartphone files to PC with just one tap), Multi-Screen Collaboration (which allows users to collaborate between two devices like PC - tablet, PC - smartphone, and tablet - smartphone), and drag and drop already enable seamless experiences, but it's taking it even further with Super Device. Super Device allows HUAWEI devices to work as one. The company is also adding HUAWEI Mobile App Engine to its laptop that will bring them access to AppGallery’s wealth of popular productivity and entertainment apps.

On laptops, Super Device will be available in the PC's Control Centre. This will allow users to access their phone files on the laptop without even connecting them. HUAWEI phones will be available as an external drive in the PC. This will allow users to access all the files as they would with any other external storage device.

HUAWEI Super Device Source: HUAWEI

Moreover, the smartphone's display can be displayed on the PC screen and up to three mobile apps can be opened directly on the PC for multi-tasking. Files will sync between devices so whatever you edit on your PC, the same will be available on your phone as well.

HUAWEI has also added new display modes for tablets and PC. The Mirror Mode will allow you to mirror any device's display on the other one while the Extended Mode will allow users to use the tablet as the second screen for their laptop. In Collaborate Mode, the tablet’s files will be available directly on the PC.

HUAWEI adds that with the Pop-Up Pairing feature, the HUAWEI PC can swiftly and conveniently connect to the company's own wireless earbuds, speakers, Bluetooth mouse, and keyboard, as well as printers, holistically improving the smart office experience.

HUAWEI says that it will continue to work and add more features to the Super Device mode. All the eligible devices will have to only update the Huawei PC Manager app (to version 12.0.2) on their PC or laptop to enjoy the new experiences. What are your thoughts on HUAWEI's new solution? Let us know in the comments section below!


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