Consumer trends are continuously shifting in the hyper-crowded and ultra-competitive mobile tech market, where flagship devices have all of a sudden become the main driving force behind the financial success of most influential OEMs.

It’s tougher and tougher to challenge the likes of the just-unveiled LeTV Le 1s in the low-cost segment, even for China-based budget specialists such as Huawei, so the mid to high-end slice of the pie is now by far the juiciest.

The Mate 7, P7 and P8 reportedly helped the Nexus 6P makers post a robust global 27.4 million unit shipment score in the year’s third fiscal quarter, which marks a nice 63 percent hike from the same timeframe back in 2014.

That’s particularly impressive given the Mate S, like the Nexus 6P, was unavailable between July and September, and with the lucrative holiday season approaching, chances are Huawei is looking at 30 mil+ figures in October – December.

2015 sales have already crossed 75M, so reaching the 100M goal seems a walk in the park. It’s even possible a 110 million milestone will be achieved, and it’s near-guaranteed Huawei makes the overall manufacturer podium for the year, behind Samsung and Apple. Of course, topping the gold and silver medalists is out of the question for the foreseeable future, with Cupertino proud to announce 48 million iPhone sales in Q3, and Q4 predictions currently at 70M.

33 percent of total Huawei smartphone shipments in the latest quarter were registered by mid-rangers and hero devices, up 6 percentage points from Q2, and in Europe alone, the company managed to nearly double its presence compared to Q3 2014. Chinese sales also surged by more than 80 percent year on year, and the Middle East and Africa accounted for a 70 percent boost.

Now you understand why Motorola and Huawei traded places as Nexus 6 co-producers?

Source: ZDNet

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