Huawei revenue expected to grow 21% despite international roadblocks

Huawei has had a great smartphone year in 2018. It managed to set a new company record by shipping more than 200 million smartphones. In order to celebrate that, the phone-maker is going to prepare two special edition celebratory smartphones. However, the smartphone division of Huawei is just a part of the entire operation, and, the company, as a hole, has been facing some real international scrutiny.

Despite all of that, Huawei expects a 21 percent growth in revenue for 2018. That’s estimated at $109 billion, according to the company’s rotating chairman, Guo Ping. Despite all the roadblocks and setbacks, this 21 percent jump represents the company’s fastest pace of business growth in the past two years.

The outlook for 2019 is even better, as Huawei is expected to continue growing as much as 20 percent when it comes to the number of smartphones shipped. Since December 18, when we heard Huawei managed, despite all roadblocks, to secure 25 5G clients, the number we’re hearing today is 26, meaning that Huawei is maintaining its status as the world’s largest telecom equipment maker and the second largest smartphone seller.

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