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Huawei revealed sales numbers for the Huawei Mate X

By Samuel Martinez January 10, 2020, 7:23 pm

Samsung has recently told the world that they managed to sell almost 500, 000 Galaxy Fold units in 2019. This message wasn’t going to go unanswered by the main competition as far as foldables go. So now, Huawei has revealed the shipping numbers of its Huawei Mate X.

According to a report from Sina, Huawei has been shipping 100,000 foldable devices each month. We know that the Huawei Mate X was launched on November 15th, and those numbers are accurate, we could say that the Chinese giant has sold almost 200,000 units as of today. The Galaxy Fold has clearly sold more units, but let’s remember that this device was available in the US, South Korea, the UK, and some European countries, and it has been up for sale since September. The Mate X was not available around the world because of the current trade issues with the US.

We are also expecting a new Huawei Mate XS to be presented during MWC 2020. Maybe this device gets to more markets outside of China, then again, the US trade ban may make this once again, a China-only device.

Source Android Authority

Via Sina


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