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Huawei reinvents the bezel in an attempt to kill the notch

By Anton D. Nagy May 9, 2019, 12:00 pm

A new patent has been uncovered by the folks at TigerMobiles suggesting that Huawei is continuing its efforts to work around the notch. Once manufacturers started moving away, or at least shrinking and eventually minimizing bezels, the only solutions available at the moment are either a notch, a punch hole, or a pop-up mechanism.

We’ve seen all of the above employed on various smartphones, but, as you can see in the image above, Huawei is evaluating a different approach. Rather than cutting into the display, the patent shows a phone outline with a curved case on top of the screen. That rounded top bezel would house all the hardware necessary for the phone to function, which would otherwise be placed inside a notch.

Think of it as Huawei reinvents the bezel, rather than Huawei kills the notch, at least in this form. And, as usual, just because there’s a patent for it (filed with the China National Intellectual Property Administration), it doesn’t mean we will soon, if ever, see a commercially available product employing the patent.

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