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Huawei in 2019: foldable phone, quad-camera, 10x zoom, 5G

By Anton D. Nagy November 14, 2018, 5:00 am
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There’s already a quad-camera smartphone available on the market. It’s the Samsung Galaxy A9, so Huawei won’t set a quad-camera trend once it releases a phone with four rear cameras. However, it might set a trend with its innovation to bring 10x zoom to your smartphone’s shooter. The information comes from AndroidPit who talked to Walter Ji, Huawei’s President of Consumer Business Group in Europe.

He said that after pioneering the dual and triple-camera smartphones, Huawei will focus on four cameras in 2019. Additionally, three and five times optical zoom is not enough, and Huawei will push for 10x zoom in 2019. “Three or five times the zoom is not enough, ten times the zoom in consistent quality with the smartphone, this is unique! In these areas we research, and there we could have one or the other surprise for you“, he said.


In addition to all of this, Huawei is focusing on its own foldable smartphone, following in the footsteps of Samsung. The Chinese phone-maker doesn’t really want to be a follower, or the second one on the market to launch such a product, so it will be interesting to see how things develop. 2019 will bring the Huawei foldable phone, and will also bring a 5G smartphone. Whether it will be two different products, or both features in the same product is yet unknown.

Walter Ji also talked about how Huawei aims to snatch the first spot from Samsung, 5G roll-out, artificial intelligence, and the overall strategy. You can read the entire interview at the source link below.


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