Huawei has silently partnered with LG for the Porsche Design Mate RS OLED screen

While previous Huawei and Porsche Design collaborations have spawned overpriced products with fancy exteriors and little else going for them, the freshly unveiled Mate RS is somewhat different. This total beast also carries an absurd price tag, but at least it significantly bumps up the screen resolution of the P20 Pro while “borrowing” the latter’s groundbreaking rear-facing triple camera arrangement.

In addition to the usual Porsche Design embellishments, the Huawei Mate RS comes with a splendid OLED panel curved around the edges, as well as two fingerprint sensors, including one directly built into the aforementioned, no-notch display. Interestingly enough, this is not manufactured by Samsung, like roughly 95 percent of the world’s smartphone OLEDs.

Instead, Korean media is today reporting this could mark the beginning of a beautiful partnership between the world’s third-largest smartphone vendor and the slowly expanding screen-making division of LG Corporation. LG Display is starting off this high-profile new alliance relatively small, as Porsche Design Mate RS volumes are unlikely to reach the P20 Pro’s big numbers, for instance.

But “efforts to supply more OLED panels to Huawei” are expected to ramp up before long, which may explain why the LG G7 is likely to stick to a single LCD variant after all. LG Electronics is still LG Display’s top client, at least until iPhone X’s sequels enter mass production, while Xiaomi could itself opt for Samsung’s domestic arch-rival when it comes to the oft-rumored Mi 7’s OLED screen.

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