Samsung’s place in the smartphone world may not quite be as firmly guaranteed as it once was, with new competition delivering pressure in multiple market spaces. As Samsung makes adjustments to help it maintain its spot on top, other companies are trying to capture some of that Samsung success for themselves, and to hear a new report out of South Korea, Huawei is attempting to do just that by going right to the source, and luring Samsung employees over to its side.

Specifically, we hear that Huawei has been recruiting Samsung user interface designers (the team behind TouchWiz), as well as those involved in chip design (the group responsible for Exynos SoCs). While Huawei already has its own crews doing similar things (Huawei owns HiSilicon, which creates the Kirin chips we see in many Huawei phones), this fresh blood from Samsung is supposed to help reinforce Huawei’s existing operations. In particular, we’re told that Huawei is interested in the mission-oriented attitudes and strong control of English exhibited by Samsung employees.

Huawei’s been seeing solid growth in recent years, so while it’s not like it’s desperate to steal talented minds away from Samsung, the influx certainly can’t hurt. And if that leaves Samsung less able to compete, so much the better for Huawei.

Source: The Korea Times
Via: SamMobile

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