Mobile payments have become a house divided into too many rooms: Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay make up the top global options while WeChat and Alipay dominate in China and FeliCa integration into smartphones seems to be a Japan-only phenomenon. There are also retail players getting into this business, though their purposes are more self-serving and some don’t even offer the courtesy of easy access to in-store discounts and rewards.

LG Pay was in the spotlight for a hot second before we in the West stopped caring about it. Will Huawei Pay be the same? Maybe not, but who knows? After all, the company recently applied for and was granted the “Huawei Pay” trademark in the United States (as LetsGoDigital points out) and the European Union. The marks were filed in the past week and in late August, respectively.

It isn’t clear if the upcoming Huawei Mate 10 will get Huawei Pay and, if so, where. As phones do travel around a lot with their owners, the worldwide trademark applications are prompt to cover butts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a phone registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office will be released in the United States.

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