The most interesting things about Huawei’s P9 are the dual camera sensors on the back. This is the first device born of the collaboration between Huawei and Leica, and it’s not without a little controversy. While Huawei representatives insist that Leica was an active partner in developing the camera hardware and software for the P9, many are still concerned this might only be a branding exercise.

Regardless of the logos on the box, or the lofty certifications referenced, the P9 is an interesting photography experiment. We’ve seen dual sensor phones before, but none with quite the same focus on maximizing light and color.The specs are well known by this point, dual 12MP Sony sensors, a 27mm equivalent field of view, f/2.2 apertures, and a split between the duties of each individual camera.

Including the monochrome sensor adds a new dimension to discussing the dynamic range of our smartphone photos, as it’s there mostly to collect additional light for every single shot produced from this camera. The P9 isn’t overly concerned with “fun” gimmicks, instead attempting to deliver more vibrant images than the competition.

To see if this experiment is successful, we used the P9 for five days around Los Angeles, collecting samples in varying lighting conditions, and now we’re ready to report our results. Here’s our Huawei real camera review!

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