A Polish Huawei P9 lite mini (2017) owner wanted to ask Huawei’s live support to check on whether Android Oreo would finally be coming to the device. After all, the regular version of the device was going to get the update.

The customer service representative told the customer in chat that the mini device will only be getting security updates from this point forward. Out of curiosity, the owner also asked about Android 9.0 to see if there was a stray chance that the main mid-range phone would get two full years of operating system support.

It is here that conversation log, sent into tabletowo.pl takes a turn. Well, here’s what was written by the support representative in response:

Unfortunately, Google does not reveal it – usually older phones receive a new system when the latest Android Pitstachio is released. Such dates are the secret of Google.

The mention of “Pistachio” is not the first we’ve seen to describe Android P’s treat name. Bloomberg reported in February that developers were referring to the OS under the working name of “Android Pistachio Ice Cream,” just as they have referred to previous Android versions under development with multi-word treat names.

So, how much credence should be lent to an off-hand mention by a Huawei customer support team member in Poland — who could have possibly read up on the Bloomberg article much like the rest of us — on this intel? Well, the official name’s announcement is about a month or so away, so does it truly matter until we see the statues outside Google’s Mountain View headquarters move?

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