Huawei P50 official render camera

We got our first glimpse of the Huawei P50 back in March when renders of the device were leaked. The images revealed a slick design and a hulking camera module that’s said to feature a 1-inch sensor. Well, new official-looking images of the device have been revealed, confirming the camera design will indeed be massive.

Images shared on Twitter by user Rodent950 (via Android Central) allow us to see the Huawei P50’s camera module in greater detail. Based on what we can see in the images, the top camera module will house three sensors, while the bottom module will feature a single sensor beside an LED flash. There appears to be an additional LED flash, allowing users to fill their images with more light thanks to a dual-LED flash system.

While it’s impossible to tell from the new images, the bottom camera module could be the one that houses the rumored 1-inch sensor. If true, the Huawei P50 could usher in a new era of possibilities of what a smartphone camera can do. While mobile cameras are capable of producing great results, you can only eke out so much quality from such a small sensor. A 1-inch sensor would sit just below micro four thirds, which you can find in some point-and-shoot digital cameras.

Rodent950’s post also claims there will be a series of Huawei P50 devices, including the P50 Pro and P50 Plus. It’s unclear which in the series is featured in the newest renders, and if the advanced camera system will be available in all three models. (Our guess is it will only be available in the most high-end version.)

Previously leaked specs claim at least one model will include a 6.3-inch display, a fingerprint sensor beneath the screen, and a Kirin 9000 SoC. Earlier reports suggested the Huawei P50 would be announced in March or April, but now that those dates have passed, it’s unclear when the series will be unveiled.

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