Huawei P30 Pro

Let’s clarify one thing straight from the beginning. We don’t know whether this is the Huawei P30 Pro. Digital Trends, who exclusively broke the story, is not sure either. They were told it’s a Huawei P30 Pro prototype, but there are plenty of things which don’t add up. Rumor has it that the P30 Pro and the P30 will be a step-up in the camera department from the P20 Pro and P20. Those rumors suggest both 2019 models will add an extra camera, for a total of three from the two on the P20, to a total of four from the three on the P20 Pro.

As shown in the pictures, the phone photographed and claimed to be the Huawei P30 Pro only has three cameras. Don’t let the branding fool you. The final unit will say Huawei (instead of the device’s codename, which is Vogue), and Leica. With only three cameras, chances are this is the P30 sans Pro, or a 5G specced-out P30. Or it could be that the rumors were wrong, and it is the P30 Pro. Even Huawei CEO Richard Yu accidentally leaked a confirmation of its quad-camera setup. Confused yet?

While pictures were not allowed of the front of the device, claiming non-final design, the back is said to be final, though the device is non-operational. We see that opposed to the P20 Pro, all cameras reside on the bump, and are level. Also, the lenses seem to have the same size, while this was not the case on the 2018 model.

Specs were not revealed. Rumors covered plenty of those in the past, including the Kirin 980 which debuted on the Mate 20 Pro last year. We’ll have to wait until the official March 26 event in Paris for more details. Until then, this adds more mystery rather than clarify things.

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