Just yesterday we’ve seen some Huawei P30 Pro renders leak, and that was after we’ve seen some real-life photos of a prototype that was at MWC 2019. But the images you see above and below seem to be the real deal. Whether it’s a more refined prototype, a pre-production unit, or a final version of the phone is unknown. The BMW sticker is most likely concealing some inscriptions on the device which would give away the source.

What’s interesting is that the third camera (the one on the bottom) seems to have a square lens. This could indicate that Huawei is probably doing the same thing as OPPO to achieve 10x zoom, with a periscope-like arrangement. The other two should be a standard, and a wide-angle lens, while the fourth one, underneath the LED flash, is most likely the ToF sensor for depth of field.

Another thing to note is that the three cameras will not be flush with the device, but they will all be at the same level, which is something that the P20 Pro couldn’t brag about.

We’ll definitely hear more at the March 26 unveiling event, or as soon as someone else leaks more of the phone.

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