Huawei’s worst kept secret since December is now completely out of the bag, as official invitations to a March 27 press conference making the rounds today clarify once and for all what the Chinese company’s next flagship phone will feature as a primary selling point.

The Grand Palais exhibition hall in Paris is basically confirmed as the global announcement venue of the Huawei P20, although the handset’s name could still be subject to change. It’s also unclear if Pro and Lite versions are slated for a glamorous debut in France late next month too, but at least one of Huawei’s upcoming hero devices is guaranteed to sport three cameras.

We’re obviously not talking about a conventional combination of a single selfie shooter and dual rear-facing lens setup, but a triple “picture-making” Leica arrangement mounted on the back of the P20 alone.

Huawei’s “save the date” illustration includes two very obvious clues that anyone can decipher, with three ostentatious circles overshadowing The Eiffel Tower, as well as an appeal to journalists to “see mooore with AI.”

That’s “more” with three O’s, and you can bet the farm on various AI enhancements helping the P20’s “pro triple-lens Leica rear cameras” make pictures with “super clarity and perfect light in all scenarios.” 40MP total resolution and 5x hybrid zoom are expected to headline the spec sheet, while the largely mysterious front-facing camera could itself produce stunning 24MP snapshots and self-portraits.

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