More Huawei P20-series specs, variants and a possible release date are revealed today

Believe it or not, we still don’t have the full scoop on the high-end Huawei P20 smartphone lineup expected to see daylight in Paris in less than a week. We do know almost everything there is to know about the ultra-premium P20 Pro variant, and the P20 Lite is basically already out in China, just under a different name.

But until today, we had no idea when P20 sales were scheduled to begin. According to a Twitter user who claims to have received his info from Shenzhen-based Huawei flagship store staff, local availability is set for April 15.

That release date is probably valid for both “regular” and Pro models, although it’s unclear if the two will also arrive in European markets around the same time. What seems pretty much guaranteed is the flagship handset family will be launched on the old continent with Huawei Pay support.

Currently, the Chinese company’s mobile payment service is exclusive to its homeland, but we’ve had plenty of reason to expect a Western expansion lately.

In other news, a recent Geekbench visit of the Huawei CLT-L29, aka “Charlotte”, aka P20 Pro, further confirms 6GB RAM and Android 8.1 software will be onboard out the box.

Last but not least, a mysterious Huawei NEO-AL00 device was certified by Tenaa more than a month ago with 6GB RAM and 512GB internal storage space. This could be the MateX or, more likely, a P20 Porsche Design flavor following in the footsteps of the Mate 9 and Mate 10 Porsche Design, both of which paired 6 gigs of memory with “only” 256 gigs of local digital hoarding room.

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