Huawei made some unusual choices when separating the Mate 10 Pro from the “regular” Mate 10 a few months ago, leaving the headphone jack on the non-Pro variant only, with contrasting fingerprint sensor placement as well, not to mention how the Mate 10 actually sports an LCD screen with higher resolution than the Pro’s OLED panel.

Whether the Chinese company’s next high-end smartphone family will be named P11 or P20, it appears that similarly odd differences are possible for “standard” and Plus (or Pro) models.

While the design of the P20 lite (name TBC) is reportedly settled already, Huawei has been strongly considering two P20/P20 Plus approaches. It’s unclear which one will ultimately see daylight, or if perhaps both of them are set to materialize, but you can now check out one of these visions in an obligatory batch of factory CAD-based renders.

This particular Huawei P20 Plus candidate is almost all screen, with another iPhone X-inspired notch in tow, whereas a different prototype was envisioned integrating a conventional front-mounted fingerprint reader doubling as a home button.

We’re not sure what happens to the fingerprint scanner if the button goes away, but Huawei might go full Apple and rely entirely on facial recognition for biometric authentication. Meanwhile, what may look like a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top is probably just an IR blaster, with the USB Type-C port at the bottom seemingly residing between a pair of speakers.

Believe it or not, the controversial notch and apparent absence of a fingerprint reader are not the most interesting things about this potential Huawei P20 Plus design. Instead, what’s bound to catch the eye most of all is a one-of-a-kind triple-lens rear-facing camera arrangement. The largest lens is actually situated outside a bulging shooter combo, accompanied by a single LED flash.

There’s something between the two “main” cams as well, looking like a laser autofocus sensor of sorts. Last but not least, the P20 Plus is expected to squeeze a 6-inch or so display into an impressively compact 155.3 x 74.2 x 7.7mm body. How could you not be excited?

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