While Huawei was busy attempting to breathe new life into Android tablets and step up its Windows laptop efforts at MWC 2018, Evan Blass did what he does best, obtaining the sharpest, most credible image yet depicting the P20 high-end smartphone.

This bad boy has already been leaked a few times, but a batch of real-life prototype photos from last week conflicted with pretty much everything we thought we knew about the Huawei P20 family.

Blass suspects that’s “how the P20 was supposed to look before Huawei got head faked by Apple”, so in other words, the Chinese company probably scrapped the design a while ago.

Instead of maintaining a conventional bezel-minimizing direction, the Huawei P20 is today essentially guaranteed to adopt a divisive notch. We can’t say we’re surprised, but we still don’t understand what happened to the third rear-facing camera that the OEM practically confirmed in its March 27 event invitation.

The most sensible theory is the P20 Plus (or Pro) will be the only tri-lens variant, with this “regular” P20 and an even lower-end P20 lite both expected to feature “just” two shooters on their backs, as well as a single selfie cam integrated into the iPhone X-borrowed notch.

The Huawei P20 should use high-quality Leica optics, as proven by hilariously misspelled text on the glass rear of today’s “ev-leaked” device. That doesn’t disprove the reliability of the photo, by the way, instead aiming (and failing) to conceal the handset’s identity, along with a Shirley “brand” engraved where the Huawei name will likely reside.

Shiny, relatively curvy and quite tall, the P20 sports a traditional front-mounted fingerprint reader and a trio of on-screen navigation buttons. Is this the premium look you were expecting from Huawei’s next-gen flagship or did you like that early prototype more?

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