Just when we were ready to finally cast all doubt aside and lay speculation to rest, a fresh duo of alleged Huawei P20 renders has surfaced online, alongside a hands-on video of a suspected pre-release prototype.

Once again, we’re confused regarding at least two important aspects of the Chinese company’s next-gen flagship smartphone design. Namely, the number of rear-facing cameras and their orientation.

It certainly doesn’t help that there seem to be two high-end P20 variants in the pipeline, both of which may have been subjected to drastic visual changes in the pre-production process.

Starting with the latest press-friendly renders, we have to point out these look a little too sharp to be the real deal. But they’re consistent with yesterday’s very credible “ev-leak”, showing off a “regular” Huawei P20 with a dual shooter setup mounted on its glass back, and a purported P20 Plus (or Pro) with a tri-lens imaging arrangement.

In both cases, the cameras are positioned vertically, near the top left corner of the shiny, curvy designs, with a matching Huawei logo at the bottom. But a short video that appears to have been recorded on an assembly line of some sort has the rear cam arranged horizontally, with the Leica name inscribed at the top right corner.

The Huawei brand is also displayed differently at the bottom, while a quick view of the handset’s front panel seems to confirm the use of a notch. But there’s oddly no sign of a fingerprint scanner. And it’s unclear if we’re looking at a P20 or P20 Pro/P20 Plus prototype here, as you can’t really tell if two or three cameras are featured at the back. Now this is getting beyond frustrating!

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